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Rycote Windjammer Foam and Dead Cat

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x 12cm SGM Windjammer
1x 12cm SGM Ryctoe Foam

Product Description

Rycote Standard Hole SGM Foam and Windjammer is suitable for standard-diameter shotgun microphones (19-22mm), with slots no further than 12cm from the front of the mic. Compatible mics include DPA 4017 and Audio-Technica AT 4073a (BP4073). The Rycote foam is a discreet, slip-on windshield, designed to protect microphones against light wind and pop noise. It is made from durable, high quality open-cell acoustic foam. The foam windshield offers light wind noise and plosive protection, whilst keeping high frequency loss to a minimum. The addition of a Rycote Windjammer adds additional wind noise reduction, for use in light to moderate conditions. Engineered exclusively for Rycote, this high quality foam also provides excellent resistance against the damaging effects of moisture and UV light. In 1969, Rycote introduced the world’s first microphone windshield system for location sound and electronic news-gathering (ENG). Rycote has since been honoured with a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and continue to set the standard for professional microphone wind shielding and handling noise reduction. Rycote - Trusted by Professionals.