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Sound Devices MixPre-3 Audio Recorder

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Sound Devices MixPre-3 Audio Recorder
1x 32gb SD Card

Product Description

The lightweight, high-resolution MixPre-3 & MixPre-6 audio recorders with USB audio streaming offer world-class sound quality combined with extreme durability – perfect for musicians, sound designers, podcasters, videographers, YouTubers and field recordists.
The MixPre Series feature Sound Devices’ innovative new Kashmir™ microphone preamps. These high-performance, ultra-low-noise, discrete, Class-A mic preamps were hand-crafted by Sound Devices. The mic preamps feature a -130dBV noise floor, analog limiters, and new 32-bit A-to-D converters to ensure high quality, stress-free, professional-grade audio recordings.