Our booking team can guide you through insurance needs, but the following points are useful to provide you with an overview:

  • You will need hired in equipment insurance cover to be able to take kit away.

Providing Insurance From Elsewhere

You may work for a production company who have an existing annual policy already, in which case, send it to us and we will check it over. If you don't have an annual insurance policy, you can get ‘one off’ cost effective cover for your shoot, which is quick and easy to get. We recommend 'Performance Film & Media Insurance - Aston Lark'. You can find a link for them at various places on our site.

Remember, it's 'hired in equipment cover' we are looking for, anything else such as public and employer liability, producers indemnity, own contents cover etc is down to your own needs for your production.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing:

We see lots of policies and know the common mistakes, these pointers should help:

    1. The Name And Address On The Policy Should Be The Hirer: Whether you are a company, a charity, or just you, the policy needs to have the hirers name and address on it (not a production title, your clients name or someone else's name).
    1. Ask Us For The Equipment Valuation: Please don't look things up online or guess. Please ask us what's needed to make sure everything is 100% covered.
    1. Include Pick Up And Drop Off Dates, Not Just The Shoot Dates: The kit needs to be insured by you the whole time its away from us - and not just when its actually shooting. So the  start date will need to be when you collect the kit (or have it delivered) and the end date is when it arrives back with us.