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Zeiss Super Speed MKIII T1.3 Lens Set

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Zeiss Super Speed MkIII 18mm T1.3 Lens
1x Zeiss Super Speed MkIII 25mm T1.3 lens
1x Zeiss Super Speed MkIII 35mm T1.3 lens
1x Zeiss Super Speed MkIII 50mm T1.3 lens
1x Zeiss Super Speed MkIII 85mm T1.3 lens

Product Description

Zeiss Super Speeds arguably the most capable and some of the most beautiful vintage lenses available. Their T1.3 maximum aperture is an obvious advantage and puts them in rare company. Whether you are wide-open or stopped down, the images they produce are magic. From the special glass made from rare earth materials that can no longer be used to make lenses, to Zeiss’ magic T* coating, these lenses just make people look good. They produce beautiful blue and magenta lens flares, and have minimal focus breathing.

From The Shining (1980) to Straight Outta Compton (2015), there is a reason these lenses continue to be the first and only choice for many DPs.