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Sony URX-P03D Kit

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x URX-P03D Including:

• 1x Battery unit
• 1x Shoe Mount Bracket
• 1x Dual 3.5mm Jack Adapter Cable
• 2x XLR to 3.5mm Jack Cable
• 1x Belt Clip


2x UTX-B40 Including:

• 2x Battery units
• 2x Lav Mics
• 2x Windshields
• 2x Belt Clips
• 2x Mic Clips

8x AA Rechargeable Batteries
1x AA Battery Charging Dock

Product Description

Sony URX-P03D/33KIT (URXP03D33KIT) Dual-Channel UWP-D Receiver and Transmitter Kit (566-630MHz). The system is ready to go on every camcorder or in any mobile application. With the SMAD-P3D adapter you can use the MI-Shoe on Sony camcorders for transferring audio into the camcorder and energy from the camcorder - cable free.