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ReadyRig GS + Pro Arms

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Original Ready Rig GS
2x PreInstalled ProArm shoulder mounts
2x ProArm telescopic carbon fibre arms

Product Description

Ready Rig GS is a professional body-mounted camera gimbal stabiliser that provides maximum stability and comfort and still allows unprecedented freedom of movement. No matter what the position, the Ready Rig GS Gimbal Support System allows the operator to stop worrying about supporting the weight of the rig out in front of them, and focus on what matters, the shot! The Ready Rig GS allows the operator to stop caring about the deadweight out in front, and focus on what matters. This becomes an absolute must for those long takes and longer days. The patented system utilizes spring-loaded technology with four-point stabilization and two adjustable stabilizing rods to steady the camera, offers greater flexibility and manoeuvrability, and achieves a variety of camera angles fluidly while enabling hands-free operation to pull focus, zoom or adjust camera settings. Two-sided dampening on each rod softens Y axis translations such as the operators gait providing a more stable and usable image. Newly designed waist support system evenly distributes the weight across your hips. When in use the rear accessory plate functions to pull back the systems center of mass reducing strain on the back.