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Mamiya 645 Sekor C Lens Set (PL)

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Mamiya 645 35mm T3.5 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 45mm T2.8 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 55mm T2.8 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 70mm T2.8 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 110mm T2.8 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 150mm T3.5 (PL)
1x Mamiya 645 210mm T4.0 (PL)

Product Description

The Mamiya 645 Secor C Lens Set is available in PL and is suitable for all full-frame cameras.

Offering a lightweight and compact build, They boast exceptionally smooth focus and iris controls, delivering sharpness without an overly clinical feel, and they exhibit lovely flaring characteristics.