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Kyuer 95Wh (6600mAh 14.4V) V-Lock Battery

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Kyuer 95Wh (6600mAh 14.4V) V-Lock Battery

Product Description

Baxxtar PRO V-Mount Battery (Li-Ion) is suitable for professional use and is a real alternative to the original.
Performance data: 14.4V / 13200mAh. Like the original, has also Baxxtar battery via a 5V USB output and D-TAP terminal (10.0V ~ 16.8V = d-tap Output voltage), for example, to directly connect lighting technology.
The battery has the convenient V-Mount mechanism for fast battery replacement
A 4-level LED indicator keeps you informed about the charge condition.
Baxxtar PRO V-Mount replaces the Original Battery BP-GL65A BP-GL65A and BP-GL95 BP-GL95A as well as Sony BP-190S BP-150WS BP-150W BP-150W BP-150WS BP-150WS.