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Keywest Magic Dolly with Bazooka Column

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Kit Included

Kit Included

4x Keywest Key West Magic dolly
1x Keywest Allen key
4x Keywest Pneumatic Wheels
1x Keywest Magic Sachtler Locking Nut
1x Keywest Steering Lock Bracket
1x Keywest Handgrips
1x Keywest Steering Bar

Product Description

Magic Dolly with all accessories weights 20 kgs/44 lbs. It’s extremely lightweight, due to the use of aluminum and synthetic material. Once on location, it can be quickly put to use whether in the studio or on location. The “Click-on-Click-off” axle system ensures that both the dolly and track wheels can be changed in an instant.

Magic Dolly has also a standard platform-mounting for the JIX mini-crane, a mini-Jib or a heavy-duty central column.

Straight and Curved tracks available for hire.