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DJI Ronin S Focus Motor

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Focus Motor
1x Rod Mount
1x 15mm Rod
1x Mounting Plate
2x Focus Gear Strips
1x Power Cable
1x Micro USB to Power Cable

Product Description

DJI Ronin-S PART 17 Focus Motor. The DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor brings control to manual lenses that do not offer internal adjustment. Utilising the Ronin-S Focus Wheel included with Ronin-S, operators have the option to position the Focus Motor on the iris, zoom or focus ring to quickly adjust these critical settings while filming. Seamless and precise control over the lens is easily achieved thanks to 0.02 degrees of accuracy. The Focus Motor includes two essential components, a Rod Mount Set which mounts the Focus Motor to Ronin-S and the Focus Gear Strip that fits around a wide array of lenses. The Ronin-S Focus Motor brings precise control to a wide variety of lenses and expands the creative freedom for professionals.