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Beamz F1600 Pro Faze Haze Machine

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Beamz F1600 Pro Faze Machine
1x Power cord
1x 5L Haze Liquid

Product Description

The BeamZ F1600 DMX haze machine features two DMX channels for professional stage usage alongside other DMX lighting equipment. The sheer volume of smoke output is ideal for small to medium-sized venues with constant production of a fine mist for an interesting atmospheric effect. This device is built inside its very own protective flight case for complete protection during transit and offers an easy set-up process.

The DMX hazer can be controlled by its LCD display screen to adjust the timer function. Through this setting, specific interval times can be set so that the machine works at consistent times with efficient distribution of the thin vapour. In addition, you can set the duration and volume of the output to best suit the room.

This machine is ideal for live touring or as a hazer machine for film and TV background effects. Producing a fine mist in a continuous stream quickly fills an area for an immersive atmosphere in the room and has a very long hang-time.