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ARRI MB-18 Mattebox

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x MB-18 Matte box with 19mm rail mount
2x MB-18 4”x5.65” sliding filter trays
1x MB-18 4”x5.65” geared filter tray
1x MB-18 Filter tray whip with handle
1x MB-18 Top flag
2x MB-18 Side flag
1x MB-18 French Flag Holder
1x MB-18 18-20mm Matte
1x MB-18 24-28mm Matte
1x MB-18 32mm Matte
1x MB-18 35-40mm Matte
1x MB-18 50-65mm Matte
1x MB-18 85-180mm Matte
1x MB-18 Bottom flag

Product Description

ARRI MB-18 (MB18) Production Matte Box Compatible with 15 and 19mm Support Rods including 2x (4-inch x 5.65-inch) Vertical Filter Frame (K0.60061.A) . The MB-18 is an industry standard production matte box suitable for 15 mm and 19 mm studio support rods.
4“x5.65“ Production Matte Box MB-18 is a flexible wide-angle studio Matte Box that can be used with primes and many zoom Lenses. It is a useful alternative to MB-14 when a smaller build is desired. MB-18 requires a studio bridge plate.