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ARRI Alexa 35

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Arri Alexa 35 Body
1x K2.0018983 ARRI LPL Mount (LBUS)
1x K2.0016936 ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter
1 K2.0034180 Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
1x K2.0023751 B-Mount Battery Adapter
1x K2.0020916 Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
1x K2.0042857 Cable VF Right Angle (0.5m/1.5ft)
1x 75007.0 Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50
1x K2.0006876 24v Mains Power
1x K2.0034178 Low Mode Support LMS-4
1x K2.0024062 Top Extension Bracket TEB-1
1x K2.0023519 Center Camera Handle CCH-5
1x K2.0033733 Square Accessory Sleeve SAS-1
1x K2.0033859 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-5
1x K2.0033571 Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R
1x K2.0033573 Camera Side Bracket CSB-1L
1x K2.0034189 Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R Extension
1x K2.0023907 Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-7
1x K2.0034182 Articulated Mounting Plate AMP-1
1x K2.0023549 Compact Bridge Plate CBP-5 (19mm)
1x K2.0015896 Bottom Dovetail Plate 300mm/12in
2x Codex Compact Drive 960GB
2x Codex Compact Drive 1920GB
1x Codex Compact Drive Reader (USB-C)
1x ThinkTank Video Rig 24
2x Bright Tangerine Titanium 18” 19mm Rods
2x Bright Tangerine Titanium 6” 15mm Rods
2x Bright Tangerine Titanium 12” 15mm Rods
1x PDM-1 Power Module
1x AEM-1 Audio Module

1x ARRI Alexa 35 Power Case
8x CoreSWX HLX-150MXB 150w B Mount Battery
1x CoreSWX MACH-4B B Mount 4 Way Rapid Charger

Product Description

ALEXA 35 is a 4K Super 35 camera that elevates digital cinematography to unprecedented heights. ARRI’s first new sensor for 12 years builds on the evolution of the ALEXA family over that period, delivering 2.5 stops more dynamic range, film-like highlight handling, better low light performance, and richer colors.

The new REVEAL Color Science takes full advantage of the sensor’s image quality and provides a fast, simple workflow, while ARRI Textures enhance in-camera creative control. Easy operation, robust build quality, new electronic accessories, and acomplete new mechanical support system round out the ALEXA 35 platform.

More dynamic range With filmic highlight roll-off

ALEXA 35 measures at 17 stops of dynamic range (exposure latitude), far more than any other digital cinema camera. Filmmakers gain 1.5 stops in the highlights and a stop in the shadows over previous ALEXA cameras, while retaining the naturalistic, film-like highlight roll-off. Sophisticated stray-light suppression ensures that the full character and contrast range of each lens is captured. Together, the increased dynamic range and stray light control make it easier to handle any lighting conditions on set, increase flexibility in post, and provide the best possible source for HDR (High Dynamic Range) projects.

Up to EI 6400, with lower noise

Impressively low noise and sensitivity settings ranging from EI 160 to EI 6400 make ALEXA 35 a “High ISO” camera. An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode can be applied to settings between EI 2560 and EI 6400, producing an even cleaner image in low light. This exceptional sensitivity, combined with the wider dynamic range and truer contrast, allows ALEXA 35 to capture the most delicate nuances of light and shadow in a wider range of shooting situations. Filmmakers can work with available light in real locations, safe in the knowledge that even at extreme ISO values, any noise will have a pleasingly film-like structure.

Wide lens choice, 19 recording formats

With its Super 35 4:3 native 4K sensor, ALEXA 35 can be used with the vast global inventory of existing lenses—modern and vintage, anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large format. Filmmakers wanting to shoot with ARRI cameras while having to fulfill 4K mandates now have an immeasurably broader lens choice. A total of 19 recording formats, incorporating efficient in-camera downsampling and anamorphic de-squeezing, allow productions to optimize data rate, resolution, and other parameters, based on their individual needs. Virtual studios will benefit from the camera’s ability to record lens metadata in all common standards and output real-time streaming metadata to ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in for Unreal Engine.