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Aputure Spotlight - 26 Degrees

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x Spotlight Mount 26° Lens
1x Gobo Holder
1x Gel Frame
3x B-Size Gobos
1x Hard Case
1x Light Stand

Product Description

The Spotlight 26 degree set mount If both light output and beam diameter is important to you, this maybe the perfect solution. It has approx. 20% less output than 19° Spotlight Mount; beam diameter approx. 65% of 36° Spotlight Mount. More versatile comparing to other 2 options design suitable for more kinds of setups.
With the Spotlight Mount, Apurture enters into a whole new class of modifiers with the introduction of the world’s first Bowens spotlight mount. Achieve a greater degree of control with the Spotlight Mount’s internal shutter blades for sharp cuts.