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IDS Dolly System

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Kit Included

Kit Included

4x IDS Straight Track Sections
1x IDS Dolly Hub
3x IDS Wheel Section
6x IDS Handscrews
3x IDS Collars
3x IDS Stops
1x IDS Push Bar (4 Sections)
1x IDS Seat Base
1x IDS Seat Riser (2 Sections)
1x IDS Seat Riser Screw Lever
4x IDS Velcro Straps
1x IDS Centre Spigot
3x IDS Plastic Spacers
10x IDS End Stops
15x IDS Joint Pins
12x IDS Standoff Supports
3x IDS Outer Arms

Product Description

The Indie Dolly “Universal Dolly” is a robust, well engineered dolly that works on straight track as well as curved track (without having to add any accessories). It is adjustable to any track width and doesn’t require any tools for set up. It also includes a seat and a Push-bar.
The dolly attaches to the track simply by placing the wheel clusters on the track, and sliding the platform onto a four-inch stainless steel pin connected to each wheel cluster. The pin not only serves as the connecting point for the dolly platform seat, but is also a pivot point, allowing the wheel clusters to move freely. This is a requirement for use on the curved track.
The wheel configuration, two wheels on top and two wheels on each side of each of the tracks ensures a very secure fit with virtually no movement or wobble.
The transition between each section of track is seamless thanks to the extremely high manufacturing standards (tolerance within +/- .001“) used by Indie-Dolly.