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Fotga DP500III Matte Box

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Kit Included

Kit Included

1x FOTGA DP500 MARK III Matte Box
1x Top Flag
2x Side Flags
1x Swing-away mechanism
1x Sunshade Board (16:9)
6x Donuts for different lens sizes (104mm,98mm,88mm,84mm,76mm,64mm)
2x 4x4" Filter Holder
1x 15mm-19mm rod adapter

Product Description

The new arrival FOTGA DP500 MARK III Matte box is a professional device universally designed to accommodate all DSLR and video camcorders and it compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system. The matte box gives provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with its foldable french flags and adjustable side wings. It features precision engineered Swing-Away mechanism for quick lens changes. It also provides a means of using filters and one of the 360 degrees rotating filter trays and much more! With competitive price, this matte box will be your optimal selection. It will greatly facilitate your digital life.